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Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1)

Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1) - A. Meredith Walters Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
Book review
December 30, 2012
**** 4 stars

Another great New Adult Romance!

Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters is a great addition to the new adult genre! It is a stand alone, full size novel. It was not until after I read this book that I realized that it was authored by the same author as Find You in the Dark. It did not surprise me at all, because I absolutely loved that book too. The writing in both novels is superb, the characters three dimensional, and the storyline believable.

Maysie Arden is a 20year old college student who is enjoying her first taste of independence away from her cold and insensitive parents. She has never felt able to live up to their expectations, and this drives Maysie to join a sorority to feel like she finally feels “a part of,” and accepted. At the beginning of summer break she gets a letter from her parents stating that she must pay them $3500 for the money she spent on her “emergency” credit card without their permission. So she gets a second job at Barton’s, a local dive bar/restaurant, where she meets Jordan Levitt the bartender. Jordan is an unbelievably oh so hot mix of bad boy, and popular charismatic college guy. He has tattoos, body piercings, and is a talented drummer/songwriter for a popular local band. In addition, he is also a senior at the same college as Maysie, where he is a sorority president. They have instant chemistry. There is only one problem. Jordan has a girlfriend. He has been going out with Olivia for three years, who is the president of Maysie’s sorority. For this reason, Maysie fights her incredible attraction to Jordan, and tries steer clear of him as much as possible. But, they are inexplicably drawn to each other, and one night at a party they are caught “making out” in the bathroom by one of Maysie’s sorority sisters. This is how Maysie gets her “Bad Rep.” Olivia and some of the sorority sisters start spreading horrible rumors about her, and she loses most of her “friends.” Soon this makes the relationship that has started to bloom between Maysie and Jordan strained. There is also a lot of insecurity/jealousy in their relationship due to some of the secondary characters. The secondary characters were also well written, and I really liked Riley, Maysie’s roommate.

Throughout the story Maysie grows from a timid, insecure, girl just wanting to “fit in”--into an independent, assertive, self-assured woman. Hence, the moral of the story.

I really liked this book, its hero and heroine. Even though there were times I just wanted to scream at them. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions, and I loved every minute of it. I definitely recommend this book to fans of the new adult genre, you won’t be disappointed!