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Promise Me Darkness - Paige Weaver Promise Me Darkness by Paige Weaver
Series: next book is Promise Me Light
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Length: Full Length Novel
Format: via Kindle
Source: Purchased
Review Date: April 16, 2013
Overall Rating: 3 stars
Steam Rating: 4 stars

New Adult Read with a Unique Backdrop…

Promise Me Darkness is definitely not what I expected. The storyline had a doomsday element, and I have never read anything like that before. The USA is under attack from terrorists and it becomes every man for himself in a struggle to survive. In the midst of this is the love story of Maddie and Ryder.

Maddie is twenty-one and in her last year of nursing school. She is a good girl, she rarely drinks and is saving her virginity for someone she loves. Ryder is three years older, and her best friend since childhood. But they couldn’t be more opposite. He’s a smokin hot bad boy with tattoos and an attitude. He drinks, fights, and sleeps around, a lot.

Maddie and Ryder’s relationship is full of angst, and at every turn there seems to be another obstacle for them to overcome to be together. The problem was I didn’t understand it. Ryder’s reasoning for trying to stay away from Maddie made no sense to me. And Maddie drove me batsh*t crazy half the time with her unwarranted stubbornness. She was careless, and she got herself and the people she loved hurt by her stupid mistakes, and without apology. So, although I rooted for them to get their HEA, I didn’t always want to.

The chemistry between them was great, and Ryder is definitely swoon worthy. Mrs. Weaver did an excellent job with the love scenes; I might have needed a couple cold showers ;-) The writing flowed effortlessly. I was thoroughly engaged throughout the entire book (even when I was enraged at the characters). There was no massive cliffhanger (thank goodness), but the story is only half done. Much remains unresolved until the next book.

Overall I have mixed emotions about the book. There were many great scenes, but in the end I really could not get over my frustration with Maddie.

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