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Forgiving Lies (Forgiving Lies, #1)

Forgiving Lies (Forgiving Lies, #1) - Molly McAdams Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams
Series: Forgiving Lies #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Release Date: October 29th 2013
Length: 371 pages
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Review Date:
Steam Rating: Hot – 3 STARS
Overall Rating: 4 STARS (I think)

Deceiving Lies was so hard to rate. I was so drawn into the story, and the intensity had me gasping for breath at times. But there were other times when I just had to roll my eyes in frustration :roll: I don’t know if it’s because I am comparing this novel to Taking Chances, because I have no idea how she could ever top that. Taking Chances is infamous and for good reason, it’s one of the best books I have ever read. – But Deceiving Lies just couldn’t compare :-(

That’s not to say it wasn’t good, because like I said it had me captivated, and on the edge of my freakin seat most of the time. In order for me too keep turning the pages vigorously I have to be drawn in, and Molly McAdams is an extremely talented writer who is able to do just that.

So what is it about?

Logan “Kash” is an undercover police officer in Florida whose cover has been blown and he has a hit out on him. So he is sent to Texas to investigate a serial killer under an alias of course. As soon as he and his partner Mason move in to their new apartment they meet Rachel and Candice. They live across the hall, and Mason and Candice immediately hit it off and start a meaningless sexual relationship. But I digress…

Rachel is a college junior who has been through a ton of tragedy for her age. Her parents died four years prior, and a man she thought she knew betrayed her in the worst possible way by brutally assaulting her. So her “best friend” Candice and her family are basically all she has left in the world.

As soon as she meets Kash (pronounced cash, lol) she feels an attraction to him, but she really isn’t in a place emotionally to deal with a romantic relationship. Why you ask? Well this is where my beef starts with this book, but definitely not where it ends. She never came forward with the assault, and when she tried to tell her “best friend” Candice about it she didn’t believe her O.O Yeah I know, what a friend… So even though it was supposedly shown throughout the book that she was otherwise a good friend, I really disliked her from that moment on and had no idea why Rachel didn’t drop her like a bad habit. If she was such a great friend she would have trusted her… Honestly I hated Candice, and even after reading it and her supposedly being redeemed, which she totally wasn’t, I still hate her.

So because of all that drama she and Kash take things slow, but he realizes early on that she has issues. He slowly gets her to open up to him about what happened, and their friendship becomes something more. I loved how deep their affection for each other went, I could literally feel the love pouring off the pages. It was so beautiful at times it made me tear up. And when they finally did decide to give in to their feelings for each other their connection was so deep and powerful that I did actually cry, a good cry ;-)

But Rachel is in danger, and more danger than Kash or her could possibly know. Little by little things are revealed that made me so scared for her. Can Kash protect her?

These were the parts that had me on the edge of my seat. I knew something was very wrong, but I also knew that Rachel was very bad at protecting herself. Kash was continuing to keep the fact that he was a police officer a secret. He knew she would feel betrayed when she found out so after the “hit” was dropped that made him come to Texas in the first place, I didn’t understand why he continued to keep it a secret from her?? It was unnecessary drama that could have been easily prevented. There was enough drama in the rest of the story that his unreasonableness in this was unneeded.

And then there was her unreasonableness when she finally found out… It’s not a spoiler because I hope you would have guessed that eventually she would need to find out. When she did I just wanted to strangle her for her stubbornness, and ridiculousness. I know she went through hell in this novel, but I just didn’t get her.

And then there is the reason I waited so long to read it in the first place. The dreaded cliffhanger. Well let me tell you, it was a cliffhanger but not a terrible one in my opinion. I mean it was shocking, and I was like WHAT O.O but I knew it was coming so I wasn’t too disappointed. That and the fact that I have the second book Deceiving Lies on my iPad ready to go didn’t hurt either ;-)

Overall, I liked some parts, loved some parts, and disliked some others. So now you know why it was a hard rate for me. But I am anxious to start the next installment of their story because no matter how much I wanted to smack the characters upside the head at times, I was extremely drawn in too. If you are a fan of Molly McAdams I think you should give this one a try :-D

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