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Gemini - Penelope Ward Gemini by Penelope Ward
Series: Standalone (Companion Novel - Jake Undone)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
POV: Dual, First Person
Release Date: May 24th 2013
Print Length: 328 pages
Steam Rating: Scorcher
Overall Rating: 4.5 STARS


I downloaded this book back when it was first released as a freebie. It was only free for a few days and a ton of people downloaded it and read and loved it. I kept hearing that there was this big “shock” or “surprise” in it that you’ll never see coming and it made me want to dig in immediately. But time constraints have made it hard, and as you know TBR lists are long. So I signed up for the Blog Tour for the companion novel Jake Undone and I wanted to read this one first. Both books are standalones but I am thinking if you read Jake Undone first it may spoil the big shocker in Gemini.

The one thing that stood out the most in Gemini was it uniqueness. The storyline and the main characters were not your “average” New Adult and it was refreshing. The main characters were so “normal” and their upbringing was pretty “normal” too. There was no traumatic childhoods or demon’s stemming from this period. And it didn’t need that to be interesting and keep me wanting more.

Cedric is your average thirty-something guy (well his looks aren’t average) he grew up in a middle-class stable family with good moral and values. “Something” happened to him when he was a senior in college which has forever changed him. We are given small clues as to what this may be but we don’t find out until later in the book. Was I shocked, unfortunately no. I really wanted to be but I felt like the clues were all there early on and I just so happened to guess right. So I think if you don’t try and figure it out (impossible right?) then you may be more surprised than I was. Even so it kept me on the edge of my seat, and no it was not predictable—I just figured out the secret, not how everything would pan out.

Allison is in her mid-twenties and also had a stable upbringing. She was adopted as a baby by a single professional woman who loved and cherished her dearly until she died about a year before the novel begins. She meets Cedric while working as a waitress at a diner and they feel an immediate attraction to each other. Now if you’re the type of person who hates insta-love don’t worry, although they have an instant connection things progress slowly and most of the novel takes place over about a year. I absolutely LOVED them together and was rooting for them to have their HEA from very early on. But it would not come easy for them.

And I would not be doing this novel justice if I did not mention the unbelievable chemistry between Cedric and Allison. It was smokin hot but tender and emotional at the same time. I mean I FELT their chemistry deeply.

My draw to Allison is not a choice. It’s a completely uncontrollable pull that won’t go away, despite the consequences of acting on it.

And the sex was HOT and beautiful ;)
“I love…this…being inside you. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,”

But most of all I fell in love with Cedric—his gentle nature, protectiveness, and overall perfectness.

“I’m not the type of guy who can give my heart to someone twice. You are the only woman who has ever claimed it. It’s yours forever, take it or leave it.”

If I had to critique anything it would be the use of overly descriptive statements that were slightly crass, which I don’t usually mind but felt a little out of place in this otherwise “non-crass” novel. An example of this is how the heroine’s inner monologue consisted of how her armpits were getting sweaty in the presence of Cedric (she thought this more than once). But most of the time her inner monologue was fine, and at times LOL funny—overall I really liked her, thought she was a genuine person, and connected with her.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the New Adult genre, especially if you feel bored with it because this one is unique—but still has the NA feel.
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Format: Kindle
Source: Free on Amazon (no longer free)
Review Date: November 4th 2013