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Twisted (Tangled, #2)

Twisted (Tangled, #2) - Emma Chase Twisted by Emma Chase
Series: Tangled #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: March 25th 2014
Length: 273 pages
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: NetGalley
Review Date: April 2014
Steam Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 4 STARS


First I want to mention how much I absolutely ADORED Tangled. I LOVED Drew in all his arrogant ass glory. So I was extremely excited to see what happened next with Kate and him. And wow do they mess up royally in Twisted! Talk about miscommunication *eye roll* I mean it was really quite ridiculous at times. So I am having a hard time rating this one. The end/Epilogue was 5 STAR worthy, but the rest well… I’ll get a little into what I did and didn’t like.

No matter how well you think you know somebody, how confident you are of their feelings, their reactions. They can still surprise you. And in the most of devastating of ways. ~Kate (from eARC)

Twisted is told mostly from Kate’s POV. We have a little from Drew at the beginning and end (which were my favorite parts). It is told in a narrative voice like the first one, which I absolutely adore. I really felt like I got to know Kate, and I think she is a great heroine. We only got to see her through Drew’s eyes in Tangled so I thought she was a bit more hard-ass. In this one she showed a softer more vulnerable side, with many insecurities about being with someone like Drew. And let me tell you I could totally relate to her.

But a little into it I could already see where it was going and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. And for the most part I didn’t. The writing and dialogue was still amazing, but the direction the storyline took just frustrated me. I am not a fan of unneeded drama and Twisted is FILLED with it! I can’t tell you what the “big” misunderstanding is about but I will tell you that it a B.I.G.MISUNDERSTANDING and they both act like children during this time. Now if a humorous twist was put on it I may have enjoyed it more, but it was dealt with seriously. I was actually quite heartbroken for awhile there.

This is not to say there was not humor in it, because there was, but not as much as the first. And I really think it needed more. However, I was still engrossed throughout the entire novel and this has become increasingly hard for me. If I can put a book down then I really can’t fully recommend you read it. I mean it does not mean it’s a terrible book, but there are too many great books out there to be fooling around with the mediocre. But I never wanted to put Twisted down so I can, and do recommend it to everyone who read and loved Tangled. I feel there is still more to their story but the next novel is about Dee Dee (Kate’s BFF) so I’m not sure how it will all play out. I do know that I will be reading anything Emma writes from know on. Her unique writing style just sucks me in and doesn’t let me go until the last page!

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