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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2)

Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley Mile High by R.K. Lilley
Series: Up In The Air #2
Genre: Romance > Erotica
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: November 2nd 2012
Print Length: 283 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Review Date: August 18th 2013
Cover Rating: 4 Stars
Steam Rating: Nuclear
Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Okay. So I realized how to explain the Up In The Air trilogy perfectly—Fifty Shades on steroids! Yes, that about sums up the intensity, the f’d upness of the characters regarding their past, and of course the sex. The sex is so raw, and intense that it makes Fifty read like a YA novel…

Do I like it? Hell yes! Is it a bit too much? For me, a bit. But it still sucked me in. I felt as though I was getting to know James along with her. Sometimes her decisions frustrated me, but I was trying to excuse her because she had a wretched past, and I was guessing her decisions were based on her not having dealt with her past, and still living in constant fear.

It seems to be that many with novels billionaire hero’s also feature heroine’s that don’t want anything to do with the hero’s money. To me this seems odd. If you get involved with someone with that amount of money, it’s going to be a part of the package. And I don’t care if the heroine is not with the hero for money—who wouldn't love to be showered with gifts? And if the love of your life has money he wants to spend on you, why would that ever be a problem? Okay, I’m done with my rant—but really??

Back to James and Bianca. So their relationship moves to the next level when James relentlessly pushes Bianca. He manipulates her into needing him in the most delicious ways ;-)

“When I gave, he took more, it was what both drew me to him, and terrified me about him.”

In their BDSM relationship, it appears they are the perfect match for each other. Bianca needs James to be exactly how he is, in and out of the bedroom. It’s crazy, and definitely intense, but it works for them. They are just so in sync with each other. And James appears to be able to read Bianca’s mind—it is kinda insane how he is able to read her so well. But he is James…

Speaking of James—WOW. He is so flippin hot!!! Total package. Rich, handsome, great in bed, with a huge heart. Gotta love him ♥♥

Overall, I really liked this series so far, and will be reading Grounded the third and last book next. I can’t wait for the rest of their story. There were some surprises at the end, and I need to know what happens. The end was not a bad cliffhanger, but it definitely leaves a lot unresolved.
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