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Emi Lost & Found Series (Emi Lost & Found, #1-3)

Emi Lost & Found Series (Emi Lost & Found, #1-3) - Lori L. Otto The Emi Lost & Found Series by Lori L. Otto is an emotional tale of all-consuming love, tragedy, and second chances. I cannot recommend this series enough!!!

Emi Lost & Found Full Series Review by Lori L. Otto
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: June 2nd 2012
Print Length: 1170 (+173 page prequel)
Format: Kindle
Source: received from Author for honest review
Review Date: August 25th 2013
Cover Rating: 3 Stars
Steam Rating: Delicately Hot
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

It contains hints to MAJOR SPOILERS!!!! I would also strongly caution you not to read reviews for this series unless they are from someone you trust to be spoiler free. The following review WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY SPOILERS!

If you would like to know what the book is about, you can get away with reading the synopsis for the prequel and book one—but this review will give you what you need to figure out if you would like to read it…

Spoiler-FREE Review:

First I would like to start with why I read this book. LabyBalls reviewed it on Books Unhinged Book Blog and gave it 5 emotion filled stars, and she is a pretty tough reviewer who barely ever gives out a 5 star reviews so I put it on my Top TBR reads shelf and thought i'd get to it by the end of the year (LadyBalls Review). Then I saw a review on Alpha's, Author's & Books Oh My that just raved about this series with the title The Best Books Your Not Reading. And I knew I had to push it up to the top of my TBR, and I did...

...I was overcome with emotion so raw and powerful, I had to take a step back... It took me almost two weeks to read this series. Yes two weeks... Why you ask? One, because it was about 1400 pages, but mostly because I had to stop a take a day of here and there because I was so overwhelmed with emotion.

Emi Lost & Found is a tear-out-your-heart-and-stomp-on-it kind of novel. I have read these types before, and because I'm a masochist I usually like them. But Emi's story didn't just stomp on my heart, it shoved it in a meat grinder and shredded it. I mean I was sobbing, like a big ugly cry so hard I thought I wouldn't be able to continue. So yeah, it was a heavy read.

But i'm all for intense, and dramatic reads so I was like bring it on!!! Then after the first book I was like OMG, and I was second guessing this decision. I mean I was heartbroken...

Lori Otto managed to pull me in to the story so that I was so engrossed, entwined with it, so much that I didn't know where the story ended and I began. I was living every excruciating detail of it as if it was my own life. And at times I cursed her for this. But in the end I couldn't help but admire the woman who brought this beautifully tragic story to life.

As you can see above I am adamant that you not read the synopsis past the first book. Please take this serious. I read on and regretted that I knew major spoilers. It didn't ruin it for me but I would really liked to have not read it. I also warned against it to a few other readers who didn't head my warning, and they also regretted it--so don't make the same mistake...

What is it about? It is the story of Emi (Emily) Hennigan and her journey of love which is full of regrets, second-chances, and soul-mates. If I could take one lesson from this novel it would be let go of fear and carpe diem, because living with regrets is hard, and painful.

Emi meets Nate Wilson *swoon* in high school, and they become best friends. I LOVED him, and you will too! I highly suggest you read the prequel before reading the trilogy because you will get a lot of character development, and the beginning to their story (which I thought was adorable, and was set in high school).

I really cannot go into to much more detail about the storyline, because it really will spoil it for you. Just know that you will need to be prepared for a highly emotional and heartbreaking roller-coaster ride. You will love it, then hate it, then love it all over again--but the journey is so worth it.

Lori's writing is so beautiful, it flowed easily, and I never got bored with this very long series. But like I said earlier it was hard to get through at times, so if you feel you cannot read through after some of the shocking revelations of the first book, Lori has some words for you:

An Open Letter to Loyal Nate Fans
Nate, Fate, and Soul Mates
An Emi Lost & Found Outtake

But do not read the content in the above links until you have finished at least the first book because they contain spoilers.

Overall, I am so overwhelmed by these novels and I highly recommend you read them. A book buddy would be a good idea because you wont want to go through it alone, or you can join the facebook group which I think of as the emotional support group for Emi Lost & Found series fans (Link).
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