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The Twin Dragons (Golden Crown, #2)

The Twin Dragons (Golden Crown, #2) - Rue Volley The Twin Dragons by Rue Volley
Series: Golden Crown #2
Genre: Erotica > Dark
Age Group: Mature Adult
Release Date: July 13th 2013
Print Length: 216 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Review Date: July 29th 2013
Cover Rating: 3 Stars
Steam Rating: Nuclear
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Spoiler-FREE Review:
The Golden Crown series is unlike anything I have ever read before. It is dark and twisted, but incredibly unique. To put it in a specific genre just cannot do it justice.

Yes I labeled it Erotica, and I believe that is the genre it is, but it is so much more than just sex. Yes it has it, but it is a darker, disturbing side of sex. Just like the characters in this novel, who are dark and disturbed.

Bethany is the narrator and the story is told from her perspective. But even the perspective is unique because she is telling you about her life and all the characters in it from a third person perspective—unusual yes, and also confusing at times. I believe it is meant to be this way to mess with your mind. Yes this story is a total mind fuck, and that is the genre that I would place it in if I could.

The Twin Dragons is the second book in the golden crown series and is not a standalone. It begins approximately 16 “ish” years after the end of the first book. Bethany has changed from a cold-hearted almost sociopath to a loving mother. At the end of The Bitter End (which is appropriately named) her and Ryan were married, but it has been an empty marriage, void of any physical or emotional intimacy.

Even though I disliked much of what the characters did, and who they were in the first novel I still wanted them to find love and comfort in each other and live happily ever after. But like I said earlier this is a dark book with heavily disturbed characters who unfortunately are unable to truly love each other in any normal sense.

“His hatred for me was never ending or was it love? I cannot honestly tell you if I ever knew the difference. Does he? Will he ever?”

“I will make you want me. I know it is in you, Beth… I have tasted you on my lips a thousand times and your taste has never left me. I think of you no matter who is in my bed.”

I do think Ryan loved her in a sick and twisted way, but it was the only way he knew how…

The twins have grown and are planning their 18th birthday. Are they going to be young versions of their parents? Bethany has pushed to put empathy and compassion into them—which was something she had little of growing up. She knows there is darkness inside of them, in their genes. And she tries very hard to offset that darkness—will she be able to? Or will their genetic makeup triumph?

“It is funny how that should be something that is hardwired into a human’s fabric, but it is not. Empathy is something we acquire from our parents. It is something they can either instill into you or you never have it presented close enough to take hold. Mine was the latter.”

This is not a romance—there is a twisted love story at its core, but it is very far from a romance, so do not expect that from this series. It is full of secrets, lies, deceit, betrayal, and even murder. It shows us the darkest possible side to tremendous wealth. I would call it mysterious, and definitely suspenseful. But never romantic…

“…I have my problems, if they can even be called that. Maybe I should refer to it as damaged, because I am. I am not looking for sympathy so don’t even feel like I am digging, I know what I am and I embrace it as I should, just like you should embrace who you are. Don’t try to tell me you have no evil dwelling in you. It dwells in the heart of everyone, some are just better at beating it down and some… like Ryan and myself, let it shape who we are.”

I highly recommend this series to fans of dark and suspenseful reads. You will be shocked at every turn. And Rue Volley imagination and writing is brilliant!
This series is a trilogy, and book 3 is set to be released August 2013.
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