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Unexpected Angel (Isthmus Alliance, #1)

Unexpected Angel (Isthmus Alliance, #1) - Sloan  Johnson Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson
Series: Isthmus Alliance #1
Genre: Erotica > BDSM
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: August 5th 2013
Print Length: 236 pages
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: received from Author for honest review
Review Date: August 8th 2013
Cover Rating: 4 Stars
Steam Rating: Scorcher
Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars


Before I start this review I would like to point out that I know very little about the BDSM lifestyle, and have never heard of shibari before reading this book. I looked it up and shibari is a Japanese form of bondage using ropes. I want to point this out because someone who is more familiar with this lifestyle may appreciate this story more than I was able to.

That is not saying I did not like it, because I did. Dylan was a total hottie, and the chemistry between him and Tasha was smokin! However, for an erotica novel there was not a ton of sex, and some scenes were short and glossed over. If you are expecting hot bondage scenes, you will be disappointed. This story is more about Tasha and Dylan getting to know one another, and Tasha overcoming her demons. And once she does, the story abruptly cuts short. Book two, The Unexpected Protector appears to be the story of Tommy, a secondary character in this book, so I don’t think there will be a continuation of Tasha and Dylan’s journey from their perspective. In other words, the ending left me unsatisfied.

Dylan is all alpha male, dominate in and out of the bedroom, but with a huge heart. He is serious about the BDSM lifestyle, and believes it is not a game. He meets Tasha at a BDSM club party where novice BDSM enthusiasts “play”. Dylan doesn’t agree with the way these novices “play” so he goes to these parties as a sort of “watcher” so things don’t get to out of hand. As soon as he lays eyes on her he knows two things—she isn’t a “bondage babe,” and he is very attracted to her.

Tasha just got out of a horrible marriage to a man who was mentally and emotionally abusive to her, so she is not looking for a serious relationship. But Dylan is persistent, and Tasha needs him. When her past comes back to haunt her, he is the only one who can help.

Overall I think this was a good story about how BDSM can be used to help a women get through trust issues with a man. But we were never shown the results of Tasha’s demons being overcome, it was just implied, and then the story was over. No bondage scenes. And the sex was minimal for an erotica novel.
I was unsure how exactly to rate this book, because my experience with erotica is limited, most of the books I have read have been dark erotica, like The Dark Duet, Comfort Food, and The Tied Man or “Pop” erotica like Fifty Shades and Crossfire—this book fits into neither category.
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