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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan
Genre: Contemporary/Romance
Age Group: Mature/Adult
Release Date: December 20, 2012
Print Length: 332 pages
Overall Rating: 4.5 stars
Steam Rating: 4.5 stars

Warning—This Book is NOT for everyone. It is about two VERY damaged people falling in love.

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan is a dark love story that is raw, gritty, and at times downright offensive; but I really enjoyed reading it. The description of the book cautions you, and so does the prologue—therefore you have been warned. It includes violence, murder, rape, gangs, infidelity, strong sexual content, and foul language. Undeniable is a full sized novel which is part of a three book series. It does not leave you hanging; it has a total wrap up at the end. The other two books in this series are about the hero’s children and their love stories.

Madeline Sheehan is an excellent writer, drawing you in from page one. I have no idea how she knows so much about the life of biker gangs, or if it is even true to life. But she does it so compellingly that the story seems credible. The story starts when Deuce (the hero) and Eva (the heroine) meet in a prison waiting area. Eva is only five years old and visiting her father “the preacher” head of a motorcycle gang in NYC. Deuce is twenty-three and visiting his father who is the head of a motorcycle gang in Montana. Eva is instantly in love with Deuce, and he is charmed by her. He does however point out when he explains his attraction to her later in the book, that is was not sexual in nature until she was older. Not that that is exactly moral, but this book is not full of honorable people. In the prologue there is a quote by Mark Twain that I love describing their first encounter—“the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” They do not meet again until Eva is twelve. She instantly recognizes him and they talk for a little while, until their conversation is disrupted by her adopted big brother Frankie. Frankie is as crazy as they come. He is angry, violent, and unhealthily attached to Eva. In addition, he must sleep in the same bed with her every night to keep his nightmares at bay, which shows just how dysfunctional their relationship is. His parents died young, and he has definite abandonment issues. By the time she is sixteen, Frankie has a full blown obsession with her. At this time (sixteen) she sees Deuce at a party, they are instantly attracted to one another, and I believe this is when both start to really fall for one another.

From the beginning of the story, until the end, approximately twenty-five years elapses. During which time some major changes happen throughout both of their lives. There are many roadblocks for this couple. We are taken on an intensely emotional roller coaster ride. The point of view changes from Eva’s to Deuce’s throughout the story, and most of the time it flows nicely. There were only a couple times I was confused as to who was speaking for the first few sentences after a change in POV. I was not overly impressed with the secondary characters, but like the main characters, they had rough lives also.

Overall, I really liked this book because it was able to take me into a lifestyle I have never known, and show me a love story evolving within it. I did have to put the book down a few times to distance myself from some of the horrible things that happened. This book left me feeling emotionally exhausted, but it was definitely an adventure worth taking.

I would recommend this book to fans of highly dysfunctional love stories with alpha males. If you liked Beautiful Disaster you would probably like this book. Although they are not too similar in plot, the male heroes are somewhat alike.
Would I read it again? Possibly, I might be a masochist though.

~StacyHgg ♥