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Sempre - J.M. Darhower Sempre by J. M. Darhower
Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Mystery/Suspense
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: January 29, 2012
Print Length: 531 pages
Format: via Kindle loan
Overall Rating: 5 stars

WOW. You MUST read this book!!!!

I don’t even know where to start with this book. It totally blew me away, leaving me speechless, and overwhelmed. The emotions I felt were so intense, raw, and visceral. I expected the book to be good because it was well recommended; but “good” does not even begin to cover it.

The synopsis of Sempre gives you the bones of the story, but it tells you very little about how deeply you will be brought into this world, and how powerfully affected you will become. This books content is dark and heavy with violence and brutality, so you have been warned. But above all and in spite of this, the most powerful scenes are of love. Showing the lengths to which people will go for the people in their life they hold most dear.

Haven is a seventeen year-old slave girl who never dared have hope for a better life. Carmine Demarco is the seventeen year-old son of a high ranking mobster. He lost his innocence at a young age, treating himself and the people around him horribly. He is troubled, violent, and hot-headed; spiraling uncontrollably using women, alcohol, and drugs to mask his pain. They are both heading nowhere fast—until fate brings them together and they begin to heal each other. There love is so palpable I swear it physically hurt sometimes. I was sobbing happy tears and sad tears. Sempre hit every emotion possible. I was laughing one minute, and stunned with anguish the next.

I will not get into any more detail except to say there is no cliffhanger. I really dislike those  However I believe there will be a sequel releasing November 4, 2013. There are plenty of loose ends to tie up.

I cannot recommend this book enough! Even if this is not your genre of choice, read it anyway. You will not be sorry. I was loaned this book via kindle, but I will be buying it now. It is one of those books that I know I’ll reread.

Thank You J. M. Darhower—awareness is the first step towards change.

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