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Come to Me Quietly: The Closer to You Series

Come to Me Quietly - A.L. Jackson Come To Me Quietly by A.L. Jackson
Series: Closer To You #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Release Date: January 7th 2013
Print Length: 384 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Overall Rating: 6 UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE STARS!!!!!!!


I don’t think I have ever been anxious before about writing a review. I mean it’s just my opinion, right? Well when it comes to this book I feel the need to get it right. To make people understand just how AMAZING this book is and how deeply it touched me.

Come To Me Quietly (CTMQ) is hands down the most beautifully written romance novel I have EVER read. Seriously. When I first got my hands on it last November (via Goodreads giveaway win) I was ecstatic. A.L. Jackson has had me under her spell since I read her first novel, so winning an advance copy was like hitting the lottery to me. But I was NOT prepared for it. Not at all.

I started and ended reading it in one sitting. There was NO putting this one down. I was so immersed in the story and the characters that I would catch my lungs getting tight from me holding my breath in anticipation. My eyesight became blurry from crying, but I read on. I felt my heart break over and over again, but I read on. I KNEW a train-wreck was coming, but I read on. In spite of and because of all of this I was helpless against staying up until 5AM in the morning.

So what is it about you say???

It is the story about a completely shattered boy, and the girl who has loved him her entire life. Jared has decided to return to his hometown six years after “the incident” that changed his life forever. This incident didn’t just change him, it desiccated him. He is full of self-loathing, guilt, anger, and hate. If you can’t tolerate heroes with anger management issues and possessive alpha-male ways I would steer clear of this one. Because Jared is a ticking time-bomb ready to detonate on a whim.

Aleena “Aly” has always loved Jared. He was her brother’s best friend growing up, but really he was hers too. She tagged along with them everywhere when they were little, and Jared looked out for her just like a big brother. He was such a sweet little boy. Then they grew up and the incident happened. We don’t find out what happened until later in the book, as it is slowly revealed. And it is heartbreaking, devastating…. I was so hoping that it would not be anti-climatic, because I have read a few novels like that. Where I am left feeling like I just went through the emotional ringer with these characters for nothing. But this was not the case with CTMQ.

So Jared is back, but he is different. He is not the same boy who left six years ago, but Aly doesn’t care. While he is staying with her and her brother (temporarily) they become very close. And strike up a “friendship.” At least that’s what they call it. But the push and pull of desire between them is physically palpable. He doesn’t think he is good enough for her, so he tries really hard not to be with her.

Did she know how badly I wanted to touch her? To take a little more? Maybe take it all?

He pressed my palm harder against his chest, as if he, too, couldn’t stand the thought of letting me go. His voice was raspy, low, and so incredibly sad. “What are we doing, Aly?”

And god I ached for them. The story was told in alternating POV’s so we get inside of Jared’s head, and it is not pretty. His guilt, fear, and self-hatred runs so deep. He is literally the most tortured hero I have EVER read about.

Every time I thought maybe we were ebbing the pain away, it was only exposed how much deeper it went.

If you have read anything by A.L. Jackson before, you know that she doesn’t do light n fluffy. She only does emotionally overcharged, heavy tear-your-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it kind of novels. CTMQ is no different. It so heavy, it can be hard to breath at times. But that is what I like in my novels. CTMQ made me FEEL EVERY SINGLE EMOTION DEEP INTO MY BONES. And THAT is what a good book does… What an EPIC book does.

I am writing this review after reading this book for the second time. Knowing the characters secrets, and how it would all turn out didn’t ruin it at all. It was and still remains a 6 STAR read for me. My FIRST EVER 6 STAR read.

I highlighted so many quotes that half my book is colored. I can’t share them all, but I’d like to share one more. It is a view of how Aly felt about her love for Jared. Her love for him growing up, and her love for him as an adult. It is a breathtakingly beautiful statement:

Loving someone is one of the biggest chances we ever take. Maybe the most unfair part of it is that it’s rarely a conscious decision we’ve made. It’s something that blossoms slow or hits us hard, something that stirs and builds gradually, or something that shocks us with its sudden intensity. And sometimes it’s something that’s been a part of us our entire lives.
But almost always, it’s inevitable.
Even if I had been given the choice, I would always choose to love him. Even if he produced my greatest pain, he’d also given me my greatest joy.

The second book in the series is due out this summer, and I cannot wait!!! There are some snippets in the end that only had me salivating over it more. There is NO CLIFFHANGER but many of the characters issues are left unresolved. In other words, its ending was perfect.

Overall, this was such an amazing experience. I didn’t read this book, I experienced it. And I am head over heels in love with it. Thank you so much A.L. Jackson for creating this brilliantly written novel. You are a genius!

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1st read done with Print ARC via Goodreads
P.S. I also tried the Audiobook but I just couldn't get into it. I was't a big fan of the narration.