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Safe Word - Teresa Mummert Safe Word by Teresa Mummert
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense/ Erotica
Age Group: Mature Adult
Release Date: May 25th 2013
Print Length: Full Length Novel
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Review Date: May 26th 2013
Cover Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating: 3 Stars
Sensuality Rating: Scorcher

After reading multiple phenomenal teasers on safeword.com I was super excited to read this book. Even though the title is Safe Word, I wasn't exactly expecting a BDSM novel because of the summary. FYI, it is not a BDSM novel. There is one scene that could be considered as such, but the book in general is more like a romantic suspense/erotica, with dark undertones. It is completely unique; I have never read anything like it before.

Colt is an enigma. In the beginning of the story he is kidnapping young women for money and calling himself a monster. He seems to have a conscience, and is bothered by what he is doing—so why is he doing it? Is he being forced to do it? I had to wait until the very end before I got my answer. I was often very frustrated with the extreme ambiguity.

The story is from Colt’s POV therefore Lily sheds no light on the mysteries, and her behavior just makes the confusion worse. I don’t understand her, and I never really get to know her very well.

The primary focus is on Colt and Lily and their second chance love story. There is a good amount of sex, and although I was confused why it was happening at times, it was nevertheless intense and steamy. Colt is one sexy motherf**ker.

He loves Lily to death. He has ever since he was 16. But will he be able to save her?

Overall, I liked the uniqueness of the storyline—but hated the ambiguity. I was left feeling like I was left with only some of the details of the story…

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