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The Complete Groupie Trilogy

The Complete Groupie Trilogy - Ginger Voight The Groupie Trilogy by Ginger Voight
Series: Groupie #1-3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: February 5th 2013
Print Length: 734 pages
Format: Kindle DRC
Source: received from Author for honest review
Review Date: June 6th 2013
Cover Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Sensuality Rating: Hot

Spoiler Free Review:
I don’t even know where to start with this book(s). My emotions are flying high upon finishing this 734 page trilogy. It took me a week to read it, and luckily my Kindle is still in one piece. It was so freaking frustrating at times I wanted to just stop reading. But I persevered, and I am very glad I did :) and I’ll try to explain why in this review.

Ginger Voight put together a story that takes place in a world most people never see. The rise to fame for a mega rock star – and what sacrifices must be made to get there. It is a dirty world – full of shallow, superficial people who will do anything to further their own agenda. Secrets, lies, blackmail, extortion, this world is brimming with all things dark. And this story is about two people and their struggle to be together throughout all this. If you have read the Thoughtless Trilogy, and think this may sound similar—I would like to tell you—IT. IS. NOT. It is so much darker.

The main characters are the reason it took me a week to finish this book, I just had to put it down because I would get so angry with them. Giovanni “Vanni” Carnevale is a “long-haired rocker with more swagger than substance.” He is a womanizer, sex addict, alcoholic, and to top it all off, an egomaniac. And he is our “hero.” Andy Foster falls for this deeply flawed “hero” so fast and so hard. I felt so bad for her (most of the time). Their love story takes place over four years of FRUSTRATING setbacks, literally one after the other. Hence wanting to throw my Kindle out the window. Unlike some other reviewers, I did understand why she fell in love with him. When they were together is was intensely romantic, and he treated her well. He was never insincere. Their chemistry was off the charts—and she was literally addicted to him. I get it. But when they were apart he was a total cheating, lying, indecisive asshat… However, as Andy states in book two:

“…we don’t love with our minds. We love with our hearts. And mine still very much belonged to the man sitting across from me…”

Sometimes as readers we forget that it’s okay for our characters to be flawed. It makes them more real. This is NOT a Cinderella story—there is no knight in shining armor. There is just a whole mess of emotionally messed up people with questionable priorities.

In the third book Vanni does finally redeem himself in my eyes. But it was a LONG time coming…
I STRONGLY suggest that if you read the first two books and want to quit—DON’T! The end of Book 3 “The Mogul” will make it all seem worth it. It’s just getting there that is rough.

This story is the type that is just so hard to explain, so I would like to end with a few quotes that explain how Andy feels about Vanni. It may make it easier to see why she kept going back to him.

“He tattooed himself into my flesh and onto my soul”

“I had never given my heart away before him, and I knew he had walked away with a substantial piece. I’d probably always go where it called.”

“Graham was a good man who offered me everything, but I only wanted Vanni—who couldn’t offer me anything at all.”

“His trying to Frankenstein the perfect women with a gaggle of girls who filled different needs only served to make me feel less than enough…”

“He wasn’t some rock god on the stage, he was a vulnerable, flawed man—and like most women find themselves doing in their life, I wanted to be his life raft.”

“Somehow it felt better knowing he could love me at arm’s length, as long as it meant he didn’t lose me completely.”

“You’ve had my heart from the very first moment we met.” ~Andy

Reviewed by StacyHgg
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