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If Forever Comes (The Regret Series)

If Forever Comes (The Regret Series) - A.L. Jackson If Forever Comes by A.L. Jackson
Series: Take This Regret #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: September 20th 2013
Print Length: 290 pages
Overall Rating: 5+++ STARS


I wanted to wait a full 24 hours before writing this review. Hell even morning would have been better. But I finished If Forever Comes about an hour ago (approximately 2am) and I keep tossing and turning, I NEED to get this review out of me. I am REELING from the conclusion of Christian and Elizabeth’s story. It quite literally rocked my world.

A.L. Jackson is one of my all-time favorite authors. I tell everyone to read her books. I LOVE all of them. Her writing has this uncanny ability to reach into my soul, shatter it, then she puts it back together again, forever changed. I mean it. Her stories are just amazing. And at times like this I am left breathless.

When I recently read Lost to You (prequel) I thought to myself “this is so beautiful it hurts.” Yes, I literally cried from the beauty of it. Like how you happy cry, but this was a soul-shattering, chest crushing, I am overwhelmed with so many intense emotions kind of happy cry. Earlier this year when I first read Take This Regret, I remember being at about 20% in and sobbing. I turned to my fiancé and said “If it feels this way now how am I going to read it all the way through?” my heart was bursting with uncontained emotions. But I did make it through, and it had been one of the best books I had ever read, and still is.

So this takes us to the present, and the conclusion of Christian and Elizabeth's epic journey. At the end of Take This Regret they finally have each other, and have decided to move on from their past. So I wasn’t prepared for them to have to go through so much more. IT. WAS. HEARTBREAKING.

I once made a promise that no matter what life brought our way, I would never walk away.
I’d meant it. Every fucking word of it.
But life had taken Elizabeth and me down a path neither of us knew how to navigate. One neither of us could bear. Life sometimes puts so much weight on our shoulders we crumble, bends us so far we break.

And that’s what they both are, broken. From the very start we are slapped in the face with the utter devastation that both of the characters feel. I knew something bad had happened, but I wasn’t sure what. We aren’t told right away. The story drifts to and from past and present, and between Christian and Elizabeth’s POV’s. I kind of thought I knew what was coming, but I still wasn’t prepared for it when it came.

How would we ever get past this?

But even though they are broken, and at times handle things all wrong, they still love each other with every fiber of their being. And that is what amazes me about this couple. The beauty, the passion, the all-consuming intensity of their love for each other is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Maybe that was the problem between Christian and me. Maybe the connection that bound us was too overwhelming, too powerful, too much. Maybe a love that flamed so bright could only burn us into the ground. Maybe it was inevitable, our ruin. Maybe we’d already been set up for destruction, because something so strong made it inherently weak.

I yearned for Christian and Elizabeth to make things better, to be better. But it would get worse before it got better. I physically ached for them.

Elizabeth and I had been through so much.
Indescribable bliss and devastating sorrow.
Our love ran so deep, and yet, it seemed our wounds ran deeper.
Some of those wounds had seemed unbearable, inflictions impossible to recover from.

The one scenario that kept playing out was that hurt people, hurt people. And it’s usually the people you care about that are hurt the worst. This couple was hurting, and at times they would take it out on each other. Most of the time though, it was Elizabeth taking out her frustrations on Christian. And I felt so bad for him. He loved her with every fiber of his being, but there were times when Elizabeth was struggling to return his love, and it was heartbreaking. But Christian was determined to fight for her.

She was mine.
She’d always been.
And I was going to make sure she always was.

And then we get a double epilogue. I love epilogues. So getting one from both perspectives was like hitting the jackpot. I was in heaven :)

If you are looking for a light read, you are in the wrong place. A.L. Jackson does nothing but heavy. Even the happiness is heavy. But this is how I like my stories, don’t give me sappy. Don’t give me perfection. I want to have to work for my HEA’s, and I like them a little bittersweet too. I may be a masochist, I don’t care. All these things I get from this Author, and she hasn’t disappointed me yet.

I took my time to read the entire series from beginning to end this past week, so I have become extremely attached to these characters. I don’t know how I’m going to let them go. I know I’m going to have a massive book hangover. I miss this amazing couple already.

“People don’t always get to love like this, Elizabeth. Not the way we do. It’s a gift.”
I shifted so I could look down at her. “Please don’t ever let it go.”

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Format: Kindle eARC
Source: via tour host
Review Date: October 10th 2013