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Strings (Hard Rock Harlots)

Strings - Kendall Grey Strings by Kendall Grey
Series: Hard Rock Harlots #1
Genre: Erotica
Age Group: New Adult
Release Date: April 20th 2013
Print Length: 232 pages
Format: Nook
Source: Purchased
Review Date: June 7th 2013
Cover Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality Rating: Nuclear

I know this is part of the disclaimer, but I would like to reiterate that it is a real disclaimer. If you can’t handle the uninhibited, extremely crass, crude, and at times totally unrealistic – DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!

But if you’re like me, and feel the disclaimer just makes you want to read it more—then you will have the ride of your life. It’s a fan-fucking-tastic classless romance that will suck you in from page one.
“My name is Letty Dillinger, and I was born to rock your face off.
If you come to one of my shows, you’ll leave either wanting to be me or wanting to do me.”

It starts out with a bang, literally… Kendall grey has made talking dirty an art form. She has so many euphemisms for vagina—it is literally mind boggling. I thought you may like some examples ;-)
“nether bush” “twat lava” “pudding trench” “muff butter” “cooter quivers”

And some one liners that will literally make you blush.
“…momentary lapse of vaginal secretion control.”
“Fuck him like a Roman nympho whore with a flaming crotch, let him put it out with a cum sprizter…”
“…convince my famished beaver that dinner is coming home soon.”
“I’m so wet I could fuck a cantaloupe and three bananas without even batting an eyelash.”
“My twat churns out a fresh batter in my drawers.”
“I’m so horny, I could hump the toilet paper roll.”
“He gives me that grin that makes me want to shoot strawberries like a love cannon from my cooch.”
“…the sincerity in his face incites my twat into mass production of rainbow cum bullets. I’ve got one in the chamber, and at least a couple more waiting anxiously in the magazine.”

When I say this is a LMAO kind of novel—I mean Laughing. My. Ass. Off. Out load and continuously. Our “heroine” is shameless, with quick wit to boot. But the great thing about Strings is it is also a romance. Obviously not your typical one, but there are very sweet moments too! It has a great storyline, lots of laughs, hot sex, and a passionate romance. What’s not to love? Really—If you haven’t yet read Strings, go get it now!

“How’s it going there, buddy?” “Aw, you know, just enjoying my daily dose of random cunt.”

“Text from Shades: U need 2 register your pussy as a lethal weapon. I giggle and write back, why?
My balls need a fucking sling this morning.
That Bad.
That Good.”

Reviewed by StacyHgg
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