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Rock Star - Ginger Voight 4.5 excruciatingly frustrating Stars for book 2 (Rock Star)

Currently reading the The Groupie Trilogy (67% done and the end of book 2)

I hated so much about the characters, but the storyline had me so sucked-in that i couldn't help but love it. in a messed up love/hate kinda way. I wanted to throw my kindle out the window just about every chapter that I read. I was wound up as tight as a bow!

It was dramatic, intense, and heartbreaking. I felt everything all the characters felt. And unfortunately they barely felt anything good.

The world of fortune and fame came with a huge price. The pages were filled with tragedy, secrets, lies, wicked intentions, shocking behavior - I was horrified by some of the characters, and their villainous ways.

This book ended better than book 1, but there was still a nice bit of unfinished business between some of the characters. I hate cliffhanger's, so if a book has one I will not read it till all the other books are out. But some cliffhanger's are worse than others...

Full review will be at the end of book 3 -> Mogul
and will be posted on http://www.booksunhinged.com

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