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Tangled (Tangled, #1)

Tangled (Tangled, #1) - Emma Chase Tangled by Emma Chase
Series: Tangled #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: August 2nd 2013
Length: 257 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Simon & Schuster
Review Date: March 2014
Steam Rating: Scorcher
Overall Rating: 5 STARS


HELL friggin yeah! That is just what I needed to bring me out of a reading slump! I have NO idea why I waited this long to read this fabulous book! When a ton of readers and book bloggers rave about a title it’s usually because it’s good, and Tangled is beyond good, it was absolutely friggin brilliant!

I went into this one knowing practically nothing about it except that it is told from Drew’s perspective and it is humorous. And it is funny, actually LOL funny at many times. But what I thought was so great about this humor was that it was ironic humor told directly to you the reader from Drew. He is actually speaking to you while telling you the story. It’s not just first person POV, it’s a narrative. And I really felt like I knew Drew as a person after reading it.

And let me tell you that Drew is an arrogant asshole for much of the book—but in a funny way (or at least I thought so). If you don’t take yourself too seriously than you will learn to love Drew too.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m not a bad guy. I don’t lie; I don’t sandbag women with flowery words about a future together and love at first sight. I’m a straight shooter. I’m looking for a good time—for one night—and I tell them so. That’s better than ninety percent of the other guys in here, believe me. And most of the girls in here are looking for the same thing I am.
Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true. But I can’t help it if they see me, fuck me, and suddenly want to bear my children. That’s not my problem.
← See what I mean ;-)

He is basically telling you the female reader the ins and outs of the male psyche, and it’s a bit scary, but oh so comical at the same time. I have no idea how Emma was able to pull it off but I think she is probably pretty accurate in how men think o.O

When Drew finally meets the one girl that he wants to change his ways for he reaches an obstacle, she’s engaged. Yep, engaged. :-( So what does he do? Does he do the gentlemanly thing and back off? Well if you know Drew you would know that he is not much of a gentleman. He sees that she wants him so he pursues her anyway, to no avail of course. But there are things that make their relationship interesting, like their professional lives. I don’t want to go into that, but let’s just say they have similar professional interests and they are both very competitive. This fact alone leads to many comical scenes.

Eventually they become close (take from that what you wish) and fall for one another. Kate our heroine is a great character; I loved the strong willed determination she had in all faucets of her life. I completely understood why Drew was so enthralled with her.

I thought this one was going to be all fun and humor but then there at the end Drew pulled out the big guns and had me sobbing like a lunatic. I mean seriously I was really touched by what he did for Kate at the end (which of course I won’t tell you). It added so much to it. So it had everything, great writing & storyline, humor, romance, and of course sexy time. There was plenty of steam, this is after all told in Drew’s POV and he is a horny little devil ;-)

So if this one has been on your TBR do not wait a second longer, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I picked it up and read it in one sitting, it was un-put-down-able! I am now moving right on to Holy Frigging Matrimony and Twisted!
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