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Into You - Danielle Sibarium Into You by Danielle Sibarium
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: December 17th 2013
Length: 258 pages
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: via tour host
Review Date: January 10th 2014
Steam Rating: Hot ~ 3.5
Overall Rating: 3.5-4 STARS


I am not a light & fluffy romance girl. I like my romances to be full of grit, raw, dangerous, sexy, and unpredictable. But above all heavy with soul-searing emotion. I feel the need to point that out because there are many people who like a classic love story. And this book is for them. It’s not that I didnt like it because I did, but it is just not my usual read.

Overall, Into You is full of emotion, with a good storyline, and likable characters. I was never bored with them, but I was at times frustrated with their thoughts and actions.

Elizabeth and Carter have both been BURNED in the past. We don’t know exactly what happened to each of them initially but you know it has left them both VERY scared of letting someone into their heart. They literally bump into one another and start a light sort of dating. It’s cute and heartwarming. But when things start to get serious, so do their issues.

When we find out exactly what happened to Carter I was shocked and appalled. It was heart-wrenching. However, when Elizabeth finally discloses her past I am less then thrilled with how much it affected her. Not that it wasn’t sad, but it happens to all young girls in love at one time or another–a broken heart, a betrayal. We get over it and move on… :-(

So they are at a crossroads… Do they learn to move on from their past? Or do they let it ruin what they have? Well for awhile it was the latter. They were both EXTREMELY insecure, especially Carter. He was constantly thinking Elizabeth was cheating on him. Ugh… :-( But she did withhold information from him for NO reason (in my opinion) that could have made him skeptical of her. However, JUST ASK HER!!!! Talk it out, or break it off!!! I know, I know, where is the fun in that?

But Carter was also VERY swoon-worthy :-D I LOVED his job and how he handled it! He was so endearing, and would be the PERFECT husband! He wanted her to have his babies and stay home with the kids. o.O And I know a lot of you may think he is sexist, but for some reason it didn’t come off that way…

Overall, I liked but not loved Into You but like I said earlier it was not my usual style of read. However, I think it is a totally lovable novel for the “classic” Contemporary Romance fans :-) If this sounds like you I highly recommend it!
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