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Taking Something (Give Me Something, #2)

Taking Something (Give Me Something, #2) - Elizabeth   Lee Taking Something by Elizabeth Lee
Series: Give Me Something #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Release Date: February 16th 2014
Length: 228 pages
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: via tour host
Review Date: February 2014
Steam Rating: Mild (for NA)
Overall Rating: 3.5 STARS


We met Nick in Give Me Something as a con-artist with little regard for how he treated people. However, by the end of that book Nick had grown on me and I really wanted him to be happy. So I was excited for his story and his chance at a HEA.

Do you need to read Give Me Something first? No. But you will probably be scratching your head a little during the scenes with Lila from the first book. So it’s would be a good idea to.

Nick has been trying to live his life on the straight and narrow but he is an opportunist. He sees a chance to get in good with a major record label as a producer (his dream job) and he takes it. Effectively “conning” his way in the door, and to lock the position down he beds the beautiful pop star he is working with, Sadie Sinclair. But with this con he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

Sadie Sinclair is a narcissistic sociopath. I mean I could tell you she’s selfish, bratty, and spoiled, but that wouldn’t convey how evil I found her character to be. Nick finds himself “trapped” in a relationship with her early on, knowing that if he leaves her she will take any chance of his future career goals away from him. He was warned beforehand not to get involved with her, but he did anyway and I didn’t feel bad for him. I felt as though he made his bed now he’s got to lay in it.

What makes this all the more frustrating for Nick is that he is falling for her assistant Gia. He basically pursues her relentlessly knowing they can’t be together because it would cost them both their jobs. Which was another dick move on Nick’s part. He really does make a ton of bad decisions throughout the book, I wanted to root for him but sometimes I just wanted to slap him upside the head…

So basically it boils down to love or money. If you read the first one you know how far Nick will go for money. Will he also give up his chance at true love?

Overall, I liked but not loved Nick’s story. I wanted to “feel” more connected to his character than I was. However, it was a great storyline, with interesting characters. If you liked the first one I highly recommend you read this one. I don’t think I’d recommend it as a standalone.

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